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Home of the Wolves!

Welcome to Capital Preparatory, the best private school in Tallahassee for “total” student development through individualized instruction. We place a strong emphasis on creating an inspiring environment where children’s individual learning styles are understood, identified, nurtured and encouraged.

Discovering how a child perceives the world can be an eye-opening experience. Appreciating your child’s specific learning style allows us to actively encourage his or her dominant style of learning and to offer instruction tailored to his or her academic, social, and emotional needs.

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At Capital Prep, our primary purpose is to academically and spiritually educate every child. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to allow each student to excel to the best of her/his ability. We are a positive, parent involved school, and believe that cooperation, communication, understanding, and love are the keys to success.

Sharon Talbott-Newhall

Lead Teacher

June Capuano

Lead paraprofessional

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We are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Contact us via Phone : 850/402-9711 or Email : info@capitalpreptally.com

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